Lighthouse's Mission

To create software that allows for the sharing and collaboration of learning materials and experiences. We want to provide creative kindling of all kinds to all young and curious learners, no matter their environment or background.

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Learn to love how you learn

Everyone learns differently, but everyone also has different interests. Lighthouse provides students with choice - something they haven't had easy enough access to, before and after technology.

We don't replace teachers. We play to their strengths.

We aren't creating the ideal classroom, full of laptops and tablets that teach any student perfectly. That doesn't exist, although many think they can make it happen.

Lighthouse firmly believes human intuition and creativity will never be replaced by a computer. Therefore, we don't make a learning platform that makes students think like computers: efficiency over curiosity, and speed over attention to detail.

Founded in Simi Valley, made with ❤️ in Evanston

Lighthouse blends innovative learning science research, computer science, and design.

Student driven, faculty advised
Garage residents. We're where entrepreneurship and academics come together

Our First Message

In January, Lighthouse began communicating it's message via these flyers posted all over Northwestern's campus.

Since then, Lighthouse has grown to a team of seven undergraduate students eager to build great software, supporting teachers and educators, and addressing equal access to learning/creative activities.

We can't wait for the future, as we know what the future of of education will be; whatever we make it.

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